2015 World Arthroplasty Congress : OVERVIEW

2015 World Arthroplasty Congress
April 16 - 18, 2015
Palais Congres
Paris, France

Fine-Tuning Measured Resesction

Andrea Baldini View Presentation

Fine-Tuning Gap Balancing

Douglas Dennis View Presentation

Get Your Alignment Right

Johan Bellemans View Presentation

Preserving the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL): Do It the Right Way

Ate Wymenga View Presentation

Addressing Fixed Flexion Contracture

Steven MacDonald View Presentation

Patellar Resurfacing

Nicolaas Budhiparama View Presentation

Debate: Surgical Navigation: Been There, Done That

Johan Bellemans View Presentation

Debate: Surgical Navigation: Been There, Done That

Bernhard Christen View Presentation

Unicompartmental with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

Paolo Adravanti View Presentation

Bicondylar Unicompartmental Replacement

Francesco Benazzo View Presentation

High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) is Not Vestigial

Philippe Neyret View Presentation

Opening Wedge HTO

Dae-Kyung Bae View Presentation

Activity Levels After Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA)

Chris Dodd View Presentation

Bicruciate Retaining TKA

Adolph Lombardi View Presentation

Long-Term Outcome of TKA After Failed HTO

Phillipe Hernigou View Presentation

Long-Term Outcome of UKA

Jean Noel Argenson View Presentation

Short- and Medium-Term Outcome of Polyurethane and Polycarbonate-Urethane Knee Meniscal Replacement

Catherine Van Der Straeten View Presentation

There is No Good Alternative: Stick To TKA

Steven MacDonald View Presentation

Oversizing and Soft-Tissue Impingement

Michel Bonnin View Presentation

Intraoperative Management of Unexpected Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Insufficiency

Carsten Perka View Presentation


Siegfried Hofmann View Presentation

Patella Baja

Gabriel Baron View Presentation

Severe Varus and Valgus Deformities

Ashok Rajgopal View Presentation

Correlation of Knee and Hindfoot Deformities

John Callaghan View Presentation

TKA in the Morbidly Obese

Warwick Bruce View Presentation

Periprosthetic Fractures

George Haidukewych View Presentation

Debate: Cementless Fixation: Pandora's Box?

Samih Tarabichi View Presentation

Debate: Cementless Fixation: Pandora's Box?

David Barrett View Presentation

Debate: Bicruciate Substituting versus Bicruciate Retaining

Chris Dodd View Presentation

Debate: Medial Pivot versus Posterior Stabilized

Giles Scuderi View Presentation

Tuberosity Osteotomy

Henry Clarke View Presentation

How to Remove the Femoral Component

David Barrett View Presentation

Finding the Joint Line Level

Fabio Catani View Presentation

Managing the Gaps

Arlen Hanssen View Presentation

How to Use Stems

Walter Beaver View Presentation

Dealing with Bone Defects

Richard Iorio View Presentation

Registries Report True Performance of a Procedure

Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen View Presentation

Registries Are Severely Biased and Overrated

David Murray View Presentation

One-Stage Revision of the Infected Arthroplasty

Thorsten Gehrke View Presentation

Sports Participation After THA/TKA

Henry Clarke View Presentation

Role of Arthroscopy: Highway to TKA/THA?

Gabriel Baron View Presentation

Fast-Track Surgery: Get You Out ASAP?

Emmanuel Thienpont View Presentation

Local Injections for Pain Control

Klaus-Peter Gunther View Presentation

Gap Balancing versus Measured Resection

W. Norman Scott View Presentation

Raising the Joint Line in TKA Causes Significant Mid-Flexion Instability

Thomas Luyckx View Presentation

A New Histopathology Grading System for the Characterization of Human Knee Osteoarthritis: A Biomechanical Validation

Wenzel Waldstein View Presentation

Characterization of Femoral Head Taper Corrosion Features Using an 18-Year Retrieval Database

Jacob Cartner View Presentation

National Trends in THA Outcomes in Patients with Coagulations Disorders: A Nationwide Database Study

Benjamin Browning View Presentation

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prophylaxis - What Treatment is Needed for Our 2015?

Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen View Presentation

Thromboembolic Risk with Tranexamic Acid for Primary THA and TKA

Rafael Sierra View Presentation

Blood Loss: Comparative Results with Three Different Preservation Strategies

Tae Kim View Presentation

Efficacy and Cost Analysis of Reinfusion Drains Versus Tranexamic Acid. A Prospective Randomized Trial

Bryan Springer View Presentation

Multimodal Perioperative Pain Control

Mark Pagnano View Presentation

Use of Peri-Articular Injections for Perioperative Pain Control

R. Michael Meneghini View Presentation

Highlights of the Australian Registry Knees

Warwick Bruce View Presentation

Highlights of the Scandinavian Registry Knees

Ove Furnes View Presentation

Highlights of the Scandinavian Registry Hips

Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen View Presentation

Highlights of North American Registry Hips

David Lewallen View Presentation

Complication Reporting for THA/TKR Standardized Complication

William Healy View Presentation

Avoiding Surgical Site Infection

Giles Scuderi View Presentation

Modifiable Versus Nonmodifiable Risk Factors for Infection After Hip Arthroplasty

Richard Iorio View Presentation

Enhanced Detection of Staphylococcus Aureus Colonization in Patients Undergoing THA

Kevin Garvin View Presentation

A New National Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Program for New Zealand

Kelly Vince View Presentation

Biomarkers for Prosthetic Infection: The Role of Toll-Like Receptor (TLR)

William Jiranek View Presentation

Alpha-Defensin: Is This the Best Biomarker to Detect Periprosthetic Infection?

Giles Scuderi View Presentation

In Vivo Kinematics and Sound for THA Implanted Using Three Different Surgical Techniques

Richard Komistek View Presentation

Preservation of Acetabular Bone Stock in THA Using Conventional versus Robotic Techniques: A Matched-Pair Controlled Study

Michael Conditt View Presentation

The Anterior Approach for Primary Challenging and Revision THA

Frederic Laude MD View Presentation

Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) THA: Fad or Here to Stay?

Raymond Kim View Presentation

Early Results of Direct Anterior versus Posterior THA

Robert Trousdale View Presentation

Intraoperative Fracture in THA

Stephane Boisgard View Presentation

Risk of Periprosthetic Fractures with Direct Anterior Primary THA

Adolph Lombardi View Presentation

The Learning Curve: 160 DAA Cases

William Walter View Presentation

Lifetime Outcome of 2000 Primary Charnley THAs

Matthew Abdel View Presentation

Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene in Patients 50 Years and Younger

Kevin Garvin View Presentation

A Decade of Experience with Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene: 1484 Cases

Steven MacDonald View Presentation

Randomized Study on Highly Crosslinked Poly- and Oxinium versus Cobalt Chrom Using Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA)

Ove Furnes View Presentation

20-Year Survey of THA Using 28-mm Metasul Articulation in Active Patients Younger Than 50 Years

Christian Delaunay View Presentation

Delta Ceramic-on-Ceramic THA _ Midterm Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Study Results

Douglas Dennis View Presentation

Alumina-on-Alumina THA. Clinical Experience After 15 Years

Eduardo Garcia-Cimbrelo View Presentation

25 Years of Ceramic THAs Experience: Why Ceramic is Here to Stay!

Aldo Toni View Presentation

Is the Use of Ceramic-on-Ceramic Bearings A Reasonable Alternative to Metal-on-Polyethylene in Revision THR?

Philippe Massin View Presentation

Fracture Mechanics and Risk Factors of Ceramic Breakage

Luigi Zagra View Presentation

Are Ceramic Heads Worth the Price? A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Bryan Springer View Presentation

New Patients� Related Risk Factors for Dislocation After THA

View Presentation

Lumbar Spine Fusion Limits Pelvic Mobility in THR Patients

Douglas Padgett View Presentation

Refining the Acetabular Component Safe Zone for Posterior Approach THA

William Macaulay View Presentation

What Safe Zone? Most Dislocated Total Hips Were Within the Lewinnek Zone

Mark Pagnano View Presentation

Factors Associated with Dislocation After THA Performed with Large Diameter Heads

Christopher Peters View Presentation

Trade-Offs Between Stability and Wear in THR: A Mechanical Model

John Callaghan View Presentation

Interest of Dual-Mobility in Revision Hip Arthroplasty: Multicentric Prospective Study

Bertrand Boyer View Presentation

Cumulative Risk of Reoperation and Revision After Revision THA for Instability

Rafael Sierra View Presentation

High Failure Rate After Constrained Liner for THA

Robert Trousdale View Presentation

Dual-Mobility Articulation Outperforms Constrained Liners in Patients at High Risk

Wayne Paprosky View Presentation

Why Revision THA Fails

Bryan Springer View Presentation

Comparison of Patient-Relevant Outcomes After Hip Revision Surgery and Primary THR

Klaus-Peter Gunther View Presentation

Long-Term Results of Liner Polyethylene Cementation Technique in Revision for Peri-Acetabular Osteolysis

Bilal Qutteineh View Presentation

PSI in Large Acetabular Defects in Revision THA: Accuracy and Early Results

Gijs Van Hellemondt View Presentation

Use of Porous Tantalum Augments in Complex Revision THA: 5- to 12-Year Results

David Lewallen View Presentation

Pelvic Discontinuity: Outcome of Current Treatment Methods

Daniel Berry View Presentation

Fatigue Fracture of the C-Stem Cemented Femoral Component in Revision Surgery Using Bone Impaction Grafting Technique

Martin Buttaro View Presentation

Tapered Fluted Modular Titanium Stems, Their Role in Revision

George Haidukewych View Presentation

Survivorship and Complications of Revision THA With A Mid- Modular Femoral Stem

James Slover View Presentation

Double Conical Stem: New Solution for Revision Hip Surgery

Francesco Benazzo View Presentation

Should We Abandon Metal-on-Metal Bearing?

Henri Migaud View Presentation

Complications Associated With Large-Diameter Metal-on-Metal THA

William Griffin View Presentation

Adverse Local Tissue Reactions in Asymptomatic Modular Metal-on-Metal Total Hips Decrease Over Time

Walter Beaver View Presentation

5-Year, Prospective Study of Metal Ion Release Following Metal-on-Metal THA Before and After Revision

Scott Slagis View Presentation

Trunion Issues at the Head-Neck Taper: Why Are They Occurring?

John Callaghan View Presentation

Adverse Local Tissue Reaction Secondary to Corrosion at the Head-Neck Junction

Wayne Paprosky View Presentation

Effect of Frictional Torque and Bending Moment on the Fretting Corrosion Behaviour of the Femoral Head

Khabab Osman View Presentation

Correlation of Corrosion and Biomechanics of A Single Modular Neck Hip Arthroplasty Design Retrieval

Steven MacDonald View Presentation

Taper Fretting and Corrosion in Hip Arthroplasty: How Ceramics Address this Clinical Issue

Phillipe Hernigou View Presentation

Initial Uncemented Acetabular Fixation

William Jiranek View Presentation

Modern Cementing Technique

Thorsten Gehrke View Presentation

Can Radiographs Predict the Need for Modular Stems in the Dysplastic Hip?

Christopher Peters View Presentation

Femoral Component Selection

H. Schutte View Presentation

Complexities in Complex Primary THR

S.K.S Marya View Presentation

Allogeneic Cell Therapy for Gluteal Muscle Trauma Improves Functional Regeneration After THA

Tobias Winkler View Presentation

Does Coxa Plana Affect Surgical Difficulties in a THA?

Yoko Miura View Presentation

Fit and Fill Design Doesn�t Fill the Need in Hip Replacement

Bilal Qutteineh View Presentation

The Effect of Liposomal Bupivacaine Injection During THA

Stefan Kreuzer View Presentation

Comparison of Patient-Reported Outcomes From Minihip Arthroplasty and Hip Resurfacing in Younger Adults

Stefan Kreuzer View Presentation

Abductor Biomechanics Clinically Impact the THR Dislocation Rate

Eduardo Garcia-Cimbrelo View Presentation

A Comparison of Synovial Fluid, Urine, and Serum Ion Levels in Metal-on-Metal THA at 18 Years

Richard Lass View Presentation

Cup Placement Using A Haptically Guided Robotic Technology in THA

Douglas Padgett View Presentation

Does Robotic-Assisted Computer Navigation Affect Acetabular Cup Positioning in THA in the Obese Patient?

Benjamin Domb View Presentation

THA After Acetabular Fracture

Vincenzo Salini View Presentation

Clinical Outcome and Survival of THA After Acetabular Fracture: A Case-Control Study

James Waddell View Presentation

Proposal of Megaimplants in the Treatment of Osteomyelitis

Giorgio Calori View Presentation

Tapered Stems for Severe Femoral Bone Loss

Wayne Paprosky View Presentation

Molded Articulating Cement Spacers

Adolph Lombardi View Presentation

Periprosthetic Fractures

William Griffin View Presentation

Plating Complex Acetabular Revisions

Michel Bonnin View Presentation

Cementless Acetabular Removal

Douglas Padgett View Presentation

Massive Acetabular Defects

Thorsten Gehrke View Presentation

Hip Augments

David Lewallen View Presentation

Acetabular Impaction Grafting

Thorsten Gehrke View Presentation

Dynamic RSA

Danilo Bruni View Presentation

Kinematics in Medial Unicompartmentals

Susanne Fuchs-Winkelmann View Presentation

TKA in Young Patients

Patrick Sussmann View Presentation

Unloading the Medial Compartment

Nick London View Presentation

Automatic Characterization of Knee Ligaments Using Statistical Atlases

Mohamed Mahfouz View Presentation

Quality of Implants and Patient Safety

Rob Nelissen View Presentation

Performance of Implants and Procedures in the Orthopaedic Community

Timothy Wilton View Presentation

Lower Limb Joint Replacement in Patients with A History of Venous Thromboembolism

Frederic Picard View Presentation

15-Year Results of TKAs After A Tibial Plateau Fracture

Matthew Abdel View Presentation

Determining Health-Related Quality-of-Life Outcomes Using the SF-6D Preference-Based Measure in Patients Following TKA

Manoshi Stoker View Presentation

Early Results of A Highly Porous Titanium Cementless Tibial Baseplate in TKA

Manoshi Stoker View Presentation

Does Varus Alignment Adversely Affect 6-Year Implant Survival and Function After Kinematically Aligned TKA?

Stephen Howell View Presentation

Effects on the Survival of the Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Prosthesis After Implementation of the Oxford Guidelines

Laurens De Haan View Presentation

Does Stemmed Tibial Component in TKA Improve Outcomes in Patients with A Body Mass Index (BMI) Greater Than 30 Kg/M2?

Sebastien Parratte View Presentation

Early Experience with Bicruciate-Retaining TKA

Jeffrey DeClaire View Presentation

Modern Implants Facilitate Enhanced Patient Outcomes: Results of A Prospective Double-Blind Randomised Controlled Trial

David Hamilton View Presentation

Circumferential Electrocautery of the Patellar in the Primary TKR: A Meta-Analysis

Lihong Fan View Presentation

Forward Solution Mathematical Modeling to Evaluate Future TKA Designs

Brad Meccia View Presentation

Use of Stems in Revision Surgery, Comprehensive Algorithm

Wolfgang Klauser View Presentation

Hard Ceramic Thin Films on UHMWPE Inserts Realized by Means of Pulsed Plasma Deposition Technique

Alessandro Russo View Presentation

In Vitro Evaluation of Knee Kinematics: Is Squatting the Only Option?

Stefaan Van Onsem View Presentation

Simulation of Balancing a TKA with A Navigation System: Towards an a' La Carte Balancing?

Aidin Eslam Pour View Presentation

Immediate Quadriceps Peak Strength Related to Change of Anterior Femoral Offset in TKA

Aree Tanavalee View Presentation

Walking Down Ramps: Single Radius CR TKA versus Multi- Radius CR TKA Kinematics

Trevor Grieco View Presentation

Patients with Reduced Flexion After PCL-Retaining TKR Have A More Posterior Femorotibial Contact Point

Petra Heesterbeek View Presentation

In Vivo Kinematics for Subjects Implanted with Either A Traditional or A Customized, Individually Made TKA

Ian Zeller View Presentation

No Lift-Off Motion Occurs with Proper Coronal Alignment Regardless of Lateral Laxity in TKA

Shuichi Matsuda View Presentation

Can TKA Aiming for Mechanical Axis Alignment Restore Neutral Frontal Plane Kinematics During Gait?

Gabriel Larose View Presentation

Measurement of the Posterior Femoral Offset: Navigation is More Precise than Standard X-Rays

Jean-Yves Jenny View Presentation

Quantifying the Kinetic Variability Inherent in Cementing Technique During TKA

Martin Roche View Presentation

Intraoperative Assessment of the Soft-Tissue Envelope is Integral to the Planning of UKA Components

Michael Conditt View Presentation

Can Patient Shoe Size Be Used to Predict Components Size in TKA?

Ali Abdulkarim View Presentation

Rotational Positioning Technique in TKA When Using Anatomic or Symmetric Tibial Baseplate Designs

Pier Indelli View Presentation

Physiologic Knee Joint Orientation in Medial Osteoarthritic Patients: A Comparison Between Neutral Alignment and Constitutional Varus

Pieter-Jan Vandekerckhove View Presentation

Kinematic Alignment via Shape-Matching Procedures Provides Better Joint Function than Conventional Mechanical

Claudio Belvedere View Presentation

Stiffness of the Soft Tissue Complex During Intraoperative Gap Balancing in TKA

Petra Heesterbeek View Presentation

Can Robotic Surgery Improve Accuracy and Outcome in Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Surgery?

Mark Blyth View Presentation

How Accurately Can Total Knees Be Balanced at Surgery?

Patrick Meere View Presentation

Assessing and Quantifying Instability in Revision TKA

David Hamilton View Presentation

Increased Non-Stemmed Tibial Failures in Patients with A BMI _35 Undergoing TKA

Matthew Abdel View Presentation

Reduced Stem Length Does Not Adversely Affect Tibial Stability - A Prospective Randomised RSA Study

Soren Toksvig-Larsen View Presentation

Meta-Analysis Comparing All-Polyethylene to Metal - Backed Tibial Component in TKA: Assessing Survivorship and Functional Outcomes

Khaled Saleh View Presentation

Sports After TKR. Is It Possible Without Influencing TKA Survivorship?

Michel Bercovy View Presentation

Selective Use of PSI

Jasmeet Saren View Presentation

Short-Term Survivorship and Outcomes of Robotically Assisted Bicompartmental Arthroplasty

Sharon Branch View Presentation

Predicting the In Vivo for CES at the Knee for Various Activities: Modeling versus Telemetry

Adrija Sharma View Presentation