2015 ICJR Hip Japan : OVERVIEW

2015 ICJR Hip Japan
January 16 - 17, 2015
Congress Convention Center
Osaka, Japan

Cementless Anatomic Total Hip Femoral Component with Circumferential Porous Coating for Hips with Developmental Dysplasia: A Minimum Ten-Year Follow-Up Period

Ayumi Kaneuji View Presentation

Why A Tapered-Wedge Stem?

Tetsuya Jinno View Presentation

Why and When Choosing A Cemented Stem

Peter Kay View Presentation

Why A Modular Stem?

Hiroshi Ito View Presentation

Over 10 Years Clinical Experience of HXLPE

Koji Goto View Presentation

Clinical Outcomes of Total Hip Replacement with PMPC-Grafted Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Toru Moro View Presentation

Clinical Results of Ceramic-on-Ceramic THAs Over 10 Years

Takashi Nishii View Presentation

The Ideal Hip Bearing Surface

William Long View Presentation

Computer Navigation & Revision THA

William Long View Presentation

Cutting Edge Technology in THA

Nobuhiko Sugano View Presentation

Hip Resurfacing: Still A Viable Option?

Derek McMinn View Presentation

Review of ARMD in Metal-on-Metal (MOM) THA

Satoshi Nagoya View Presentation

MRI Classification System of Periprosthetic Soft Tissue Lesion after Metal-on-Metal Resurfacing

Tamon Kabata View Presentation

Head-Neck Taper Failure in Hip Arthroplasty

Derek McMinn View Presentation

How to Mess Up A Hip Resurfacing: Wrong Implant, Wrong Patient, Wrong Surgery...

Derek McMinn View Presentation

Optimal Acetabular Cup Positioning Wear, Stability, and DDH

Kazuo Hirakawa View Presentation

Cup Placement in DDH

Yasuharu Nakashima View Presentation

Basic Notes for the Acetabular Reconstruction in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Morphology, Disease-Specific Feature, Landmark and Pre/Intra-Operative Assessment

Michiaki Takagi View Presentation

Cemented Cup: Anatomical Position with Bone Grafting

Haruhiko Akiyama View Presentation

Prophylaxis and Diagnosis of VTE in THA

Masaji Ishii View Presentation

Perioperative Blood Management in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Hirotsugu Ohashi View Presentation

Pain Management and Enhanced Early Recovery After THA

Kazuo Hirakawa View Presentation

Postoperative Management: Need for Motion Restriction?

Tetsuya Jinno View Presentation

Anatomical Acetabular Reconstruction Using Kerboull-Tanaka Plate in Revision THA

Hirokazu Iida View Presentation

Acetabular Reconstruction Using TM Augment

Yasuharu Nakashima View Presentation

Posterior Approach

Takuya Otani View Presentation

Merit of Anterolateral Muscle Sparing Approach in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Masaaki Matsubara View Presentation

Bearing Surface for the Young and Active Patient - XLPE

William Maloney View Presentation

Bearing Surface for the Young and Active Patient - Resurfacing

Derek McMinn View Presentation

Effect of Neck Changeable Stem to Reduce Impingement with DDH Patients During Primary THA

Kazuo Hirakawa View Presentation

Neck Modularity Increases Risk While Adding Little Benefit to Total Hip Arthroplasty

William Long View Presentation

Short Term Clinical Results of Iodine Supported Hip Implants

Tamon Kabata View Presentation

New Approach to Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI)

Yutaka Inaba View Presentation

Treatment of Infected Artificial Hip Joints Using Antibiotics Loaded Cement Spacer

Kan Sasaki View Presentation

Indication for One- or Two-Stage Revision Using Pre-Operative Scoring System

Kenichi Oe View Presentation

Evaluation and Management of the THR Instability

William Maloney View Presentation

Future of THA

Hirokazu Iida View Presentation