2014 ICJR Pan Pacific Congress Surgical Conference Coverage

2014 ICJR Pan Pacific Congress Surgical Conference Coverage
Hilton Waikoloa Village, Kona

The 3-Stage Artifical Joint Arthroplasties For The Infectious Arthritis And The Prosthetic Joint Infections

Hirofumi Sakaeda, View Presentation

Radiographic Analysis Of Cemented Collarless Polished Triple-Taper Stem In A Short Term Period

Michitaka Kato, View Presentation

Posterior Pelvis Tilt In Supine Position Affects Hip Flexion Movement

Tsuyuki Kato, View Presentation

Combined Acetabular And Femoral Version Angle In Normal Male And Female Populations From CT Data

Nick Dong, View Presentation

Comparison Of Proximal Femoral 3D Morphology Between Chinese And Caucasian Populations

Nick Dong, View Presentation

Tibial Implant-Bone Micromotion Due To The Application Of Pure Torques For Different Tibia Designs

Nick Dong, View Presentation

Instrumented Gait Analysis For Lateral Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

Joern Seeger, View Presentation

Extended Sagittal Saw Cut Significantly Reduces Fracture Load In Cementless UKA Compared To Cemented Tibial Plateaus

Joern Seeger, View Presentation

Periprosthetic Tibial Fractures Using The Minimal Invasive Medial Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty - Oxford Uni

Joern Seeger, View Presentation

Transpositional Osteotomy Of The Acetabulum Combined With Allogenic Bone Grafting In Patients With Seveer Acetabular Dysplasia

Motoki Sonohata, View Presentation

Ten Year THA Survivorship With A Modular Cup - Results Of A Large Multi-Center Study

Kirk Kindsfater, View Presentation

Gait Analysis Of Pathological Inclination Of The Trunk And Pelvis In Patients With Hip Osteoarthritis

Shuichi Eto, View Presentation

Anterior Coverage After Eccentric Rotational Acetabular Osteotomy For The Treatment Of Developmental Dysplasia Of The Hip

Hiroshi Imai, View Presentation

Is There An Inherent Risk To Damage The Popliteus Tendon By Some Femoral Component Designs

Toshiyuki Oshima, View Presentation

Preoperative And Postoperative Subjective And Objective Clinical Assessment Using The 2011 Knee Society Score In Total Knee Arthroplasty

Atsuo Uefuji, View Presentation

Functional Acetabular Orientation - Analysis Of The Failing Hip

Ed Marel, View Presentation

Difference In Wear But Not Damage Between XLPE And CPE In THR

Matt Teeter, View Presentation

Microimaging Throughout Wear Simulator Testing Of A Fixed Bearing TKR Implant

Matt Teeter, View Presentation

Evaluating Outcomes Of Conversion Of Unicompartmental Knee Replacement And Medial Opening High Tibial Osteotomy To TKR

Matt Teeter, View Presentation

Prospective Analysis Of Early And Late Readmissions After Cruciate-Retaining Primary TKA And Associated Factors

Manoshi Stoker, View Presentation

Primary Articulating Antibiotic Cement Spacer For treatment Of MRSA Spetic Arthritis And Osteomyelitis After Knee Arthroscopy

Joel Virkler, View Presentation

Development Of An Inverse Solution Hip Model To Determine In-Vivo Kinetics During Hip Separation

Michael LaCour, View Presentation

Electromoagnetic Stimulation Of A Nanoparticle-Tissue Scaffold

Daniel Grant, View Presentation

The Learning Curve Associated With Robotic Assisted Total Hip Arthroplasty

Sharon Branch, View Presentation

The Effect Of Robotic Assisted Computer Navigation On Acetabular Component Positioning In The Obese Patient

Sharon Branch, View Presentation

Short Term Outcomes Of Robotic Arm Assisted Bicompartmental Knee Athroplasty

Sharon Branch, View Presentation

Development Of The Software

Hiroshi Koyama, View Presentation

Validation Of The Software

Hiroki Furuhashi, View Presentation

Improved Biax Hip System For Unstable Trochanteric Fractures

Ashok Desai, View Presentation

Release Of The Short External Rotators During Primary THA: The Effect On Remaining Muscles To Maintain Normal Activity

Dan Huff, View Presentation

Estimation Of Stem Length In Revision THA Based On Pre-Operative Factors

Dan Huff, View Presentation

New Reference Index To Resect The Femoroacetabular CAM Impingement In The Arthroscopy Using Cadaveric Hip

Shinya Yamasaki, View Presentation

The Development Of Spinal Interbody Fusion Spacer Made Of PEEK And PVF

Kazuma Nagamura, View Presentation

Application Of Micro Slurry Erosion To Bearing Surface In Artifical Joint To Inhibit Macrophage Activation

Yoshitaka Nakanishi, View Presentation

Leg Length Discrepancy Following THA - Comparing Three Approached

Sharon Branch, View Presentation

Predictive Value Of Robotic-Assisted Total Hip Arthroplasty

Sharon Branch, View Presentation

Total Hip Arthroplasty After Lower Extremity Amputation

Derek Amanatullah, View Presentation

Total Hip Arthroplasty In Patients With Down Syndrome

Derek Amanatullah, View Presentation

Non-Oncologic Total Femoral Replacement

Derek Amanatullah, View Presentation

Robotic Arm Assisted Lateral Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

Frederick Buechel Jr., View Presentation

Robotic Arm Assisted Medial And Lateral Bi-Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

Frederick Buechel Jr., View Presentation

Tibial Slope Reproduction In Medial UKA - Individualizing Anatomic Slope Provides Optimal Ligament Balance

Frederick Buechel Jr., View Presentation

Trabecular Metal Monoblock Tibial Component In Primary TKA - A 10-Year Follow-Up

Ivan De Martino, View Presentation

The Clinical Effects Of Post-Operative Anterior-Posterior Length Mismatch In Distal Femur After Total Knee Arthroplasty

Masataka Nishikawa, View Presentation

Short-Term Use Of Enoxaparin (ENO) For Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention After Hip And Knee Arthroplasty

Hiroaki Kijima, View Presentation

Changes Of BMD After THA Between Two Types Of Cementless Stems

Shoichi Taniguchi, View Presentation

Is The Japanese Seiza Position Permitted After Oxford UKA?

Hiroki Watanabe, View Presentation

Accuracy Of Acetabular Cup Positioning Using A New Acetabular Reaming Guide In Total Hip Arthroplasty

Atsushi Funayama, View Presentation

Is Femorotibial Angle Correctable After Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

Kanna Nonaka, View Presentation

The Simple Lateral Radiograph Maximum Flexion Hold View Of The Knee Predicts Patients ACL Status

Ichiroh Tatsumi, View Presentation