Video Case Reports: Would You Do a Uni or a Total Knee Arthroplasty?

    Dr. Giles Scuderi sparks a lively debate over the indications for these procedures when he shares 9 of his cases with a panel of American and European knee surgery experts.

    Orthopaedic surgeons in Europe have more readily adopted unicondylar knee arthroplasty (UKA) for managing knee osteoarthritis than their counterparts in the United States. Not that American surgeons aren’t performing uni procedures; rather, Europeans surgeons are more likely to push the boundaries and offer a uni to a wider range of patients.

    At the ICJR East meeting in New York, Giles R. Scuderi, MD, moderated a case-based panel discussion in which 2 American surgeons – Charles Nelson, MD, and Alfred Tria, MD – and 2 European surgeons – Jean-Noël Argenson, MD, PhD, and Christopher Dodd, FRCS, MB, ChB – discussed treatment options for 9 cases shared by Dr. Scuderi.

    For most of them, the discussion came down to a lively debate over UKA versus total knee arthroplasty .

    The patients included:

    • A 65-year-old female with a 6-month history of left knee pain that was medial in nature
    • A 68 year-old male with a prior right knee menisectomy and arthroscopy
    • A 63-year-old female who was 5 years post-medial UKA and who pain and weakness in the knee
    • A 75-year-old female with crepitus and pain in the left knee in extreme extension
    • A 46-year-old female with left knee pain who had previously undergone a knee arthroscopy and multiple patellofemoral joint procedures
    • A 50-year-old male who is 15 years post-anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
    • A 55 year-old female who is 15 years post-anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and 5 years post-high tibial osteotomy
    • A 55-year-old male with bilateral varus deformity who had undergone previous bilateral knee procedures
    • An 85-year-old female with right knee osteoarthritis and valgus alignment

    Watch the presentation here to find out what the expert panel members said about these cases, as well as how Dr. Scuderi managed them. Do you agree with their treatment recommendations?