TOP 5 MOVES: Dr. Mark Pagnano’s Tips for Revision TKA

    In a presentation at ICJR’s 12th Annual Winter Hip & Knee Course, Mark W. Pagnano, MD, shared his top 5 tips and techniques for performing a revision total knee arthroplasty, advising surgeons to:

    • Create a wide exposure, in most cases extending the prior incision proximally and distally
    • Use a curved osteotome early in the exposure of the lateral side of the tibia
    • Use a thin, flexible saw blade under the tibial tray
    • Disimpact the tibia with a square-tip osteotome laterally
    • Avoid valgus positioning of the tibial stem and metaphyseal sleeve

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    PRO TIP: When using a thin, flexible saw blade to remove the tibial tray, angle the blade up at the underside of the tray. The flexible blade will hit the tray and stay under it as you move the blade around to loosen the cement interface. If you start with the blade perpendicular to the tray, the blade will diverge over time.

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    Disclosures: Dr. Pagnano has disclosed that he receives royalties from DePuy Synthes and Stryker.