Tempering Patients’ Expectations for TJA Outcomes

    Today’s total joint arthroplasty patients are typically younger, heavier, and more active than their counterparts of 15 to 20 years ago. They have greater expectations for the outcomes of these procedures in the immediate postoperative period, during rehabilitation, and once rehab is complete.

    In some cases, their expectations are in line with what the surgeon can deliver. But other patients have an unrealistic view of the recovery period and ultimate outcome.

    We asked 3 leading orthopaedic surgeons – Fred D. Cushner, MD; Christopher Dodd, MB, ChB, FRCS; and Alfred J. Tria, MD – about patient expectations and what the surgeon can do to bridge the gap between expectations and reality.

    Click the image above to hear their comments.

    Producer: Susan Doan-Johnson; Director and Post Production: Charles Maynard