Preoperative Medical Evaluation for Outpatient Total Joints

    As an internal medicine specialist, David A. Kuppersmith, MD, is responsible for preoperative medical evaluation and risk stratification of joint replacement patients at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, determining if they are good candidates for an outpatient procedure.

    But Dr. Kuppersmith likes to think of his role as perioperative management, in which he evaluates combined surgical and clinical risks and takes an active part in communicating with the anesthesiologist and surgeon about these risks and what has been done to mitigate them.

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    Speaking at ICJR’s Winter Hip & Knee Course, Dr. Kuppersmith said that in his role, he:

    • Provides a comprehensive perioperative evaluation
    • Develops a plan to manage a patient’s medications perioperatively
    • Determines appropriate prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism
    • Performs relevant pre-surgery testing, such as labs, electrocardiogram, and radiographs
    • Quantifies the risk of potential complications and develops a preoperative plan for risk reduction.

    Click the image above to watch Dr. Kuppersmith’s presentation and learn more about perioperative medical evaluation of joint replacement patients.


    Dr. Kuppersmith has no disclosures relevant to this presentation.

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