Outpatient Joints: Patient Selection and Management

    Multiple factors are fueling interest in outpatient joint replacement surgery, according to R. Michael Meneghini, MD, including:

    • Surgeon investment in ambulatory surgery centers (ASC)
    • Ability of the surgeon to control the operating room environment at an ASC
    • Control of episode-of-care costs
    • Patient demand for outpatient surgery

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    Over the next decade, 77% of the growth in hip and knee replacement procedures will come from the outpatient setting, Dr. Meneghini said during a presentation at ICJR’s Winter Hip & Knee Course. The onus will be on the surgeon to ensure the safety of these patients through a dedicated outpatient program that prioritizes appropriate patient selection.

    For that reason, ICJR devoted an entire session at the Winter Hip & Knee Course to outpatient joints and enhanced recovery, with the following presentations from the session now available on ICJR.net:

    Selecting Patients for Outpatient Surgery: A Novel Scoring System, by R. Michael Meneghini, MD

    Preoperative Medical Evaluation for Outpatient Total Joints, by David A. Kuppersmith MD

    Outpatient Total Joints: It’s an Evolution, by Ashley Dentler PT, DPT, CMLDT, CSCS

    An 18-Year Experience with Outpatient Joint Replacement, by Richard A. Berger MD

    Outpatient Joint Replacement Can Be a Big Mistake! by Gwo-Chin Lee MD