ICJR Debates: Mechanical vs. Kinematic Alignment

    Achieving a well-balanced, well-aligned knee is one of the goals of total knee arthroplasty (TKA). How that goal is achieved is a matter of continuing debate among surgeons who perform TKA.

    At ICJR’s 12th Annual Winter Hip & Knee Course, 3 experienced surgeons – Thomas K. Fehring, MD; Frank R. Kolisek, MD; and Gwo-Chin Lee, MD – took up that debate, making the case for their preferred technique: gap balancing, measured resection, and kinematic alignment, respectively.

    Click on the images below to watch their presentations. Who do you think had the most persuasive argument?

    A Neutral Axis & Balanced Gaps in TKA
    Thomas K. Fehring, MD

    Tibia First & Measured Resection in TKA
    Frank R. Kolisek, MD

    Kinematic Alignment in TKA: A Paradigm Shift
    Gwo-Chin Lee, MD