How the Direct Anterior Approach Can Be Used for Revision THA

    The direct anterior approach is extensile for the acetabulum and femur, which is one of the advantages of the approach that makes it appropriate for revision total hip arthroplasty procedures.

    At ICJR’s 8th Annual Direct Anterior Approach Hip Course, the faculty addressed how the direct anterior approach can be used with revision THAs, providing their tips, tricks, and techniques for acetabular revision, component removal, head and liner exchange, and proximal femoral replacement.

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    Click the images below to watch their presentations and find out what they had to say on the topic.

    Acetabular Revision, With and Without Iliac Crest Osteotomy
    Joel M. Matta, MD

    Component Removal: Tips, Tools, and Techniques
    Stefan W. Kreuzer, MD

    Head/Liner Exchange Via the Direct Anterior Approach
    Lee E. Rubin, MD

    Direct Anterior Proximal Femoral Replacement
    Theodore T. Manson, MD