How Robotics Can Benefit Hip Patients

    Dr. William Bargar discusses his use of robotics with patients undergoing hip replacement and offers advice on how to integrate this technology into practice.

    The goal of robotic-assisted total joint replacement is to improve the precision of implant positioning, which can lead to better symptom relief and increased implant longevity while reducing complications. With a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, William Bargar, MD, has been at the forefront of designing and using robotic technology for total joint replacement.

    Dr. Bargar, from Joint Surgeons of Sacramento, California, uses robotics with about 95% of his hip replacement patients. He notes that any manufacturer’s implants can be used with the robotics system. So he’s not limited to one specific company’s implants, allowing him to better match the implant with the patient’s needs.

    Dr. Bargar recently spoke with ICJR regarding the use of robotics in total joint replacement. Click on the images below to hear his comments.

    Robotics in practice

    Advice for orthopaedic surgeons

    Benefits of robotics

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