FEATURED SURGERY: TKA Utilizing New Technology for the Bone Cuts

    At the recent 6th Annual ICJR South Hip & Knee Course, held in June in Key Largo, Florida, Tomas Nemikas, MD, demonstrated a recently introduced hybrid technology (ExactechGPS TKA Plus System; Exactech, Inc., Gainesville, Florida) that combines the benefits of traditional jigs and full computer navigation for the 2 most critical bone cuts in total knee arthroplasty.

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    His patient was an 80-year-old female with:

    • Left knee varus osteoarthritis
    • Near collapse of the medial compartment
    • Patellofemoral arthritic changes
    • Mild flexion contracture
    • Femoral bowing

    Dr. Nemikas was assisted by his partner from Illinois Bone & Joint Institute in Chicago, Peter Thandi, MD.

    Click the image above to access a recording of this surgery, which was broadcast live to ICJR South attendees from an operating room at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital in Lake Forest, Illinois. Please note that the video will play in most browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, but will not play in Safari. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    Dr. Nemikas has disclosed that he is a consultant for Exactech, Inc.