FEATURED SURGERY: Direct Anterior Approach THA Through a Bikini Incision

    In a live surgery broadcast to attendees at ICJR’s 10th Annual Direct Anterior Approach Hip Course, Tyler D. Goldberg, MD, performs a right total hip arthroplasty (THA) on a male patient who is experiencing degeneration of his hip and spine joints.

    Dr. Goldberg uses a bikini incision for this procedure. He said this short, oblique skin incision, which follows Langer’s lines, represents an evolution in incisions. He notes that with the direct anterior approach, surgeons avoid violating most muscles. The bikini incision extends that philosophy to the skin.

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    Click the image above to watch the procedure and learn more about direct anterior approach THA through a bikini incision.

    This surgical broadcast was supported by Medacta.

    Faculty Bio

    Tyler D. Goldberg, MD, is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in adult joint reconstruction at Austin Orthopedic Institute, Austin, Texas.

    Disclosures: Dr. Goldberg has disclosed that he receives royalties from and is a paid consultant and paid presenter or speaker for Medacta International and that he receives research support from Medacta USA.