Choosing a Stem for Femoral Revision in a Failed THA

    Speaking at ICJR’s Philadelphia Revision Course, William L. Griffin, MD, noted that the goals of femoral component revision in a failed total hip arthroplasty (THA) are to:

    • Obtain rigid initial instability
    • Engage healthy bone proximally and/or distally
    • Bypass stress risers
    • Reconstruct biomechanics

    How the orthopaedic surgeon accomplishes these goals depends on the amount of femoral deficiency. A good classification system that guides the surgeon in matching the implant with the amount of bone loss is essential.

    Mark A. Hartzband, MD, also speaking at the Revision Course, recommended the Paprosky Femoral Deficiency Classification developed by Wayne G. Paprosky, MD. Dr. Hartzband commented that with the wide variety of stem choices available for femoral reconstruction, surgeons need a system like that to assist them in the decision making process.

    We recently spoke with Dr. Griffin, Dr. Hartzband, and Dr. Paprosky to find out which stems they prefer to use in femoral revision. Click on the video viewers below to hear their comments.

    William L. Griffin, MD

    Mark A. Hartzband, MD

    Wayne G. Paprosky, MD

    Producer: Susan Doan-Johnson; Director: Michael Bugera; Post Production: Charles Maynard