An Update on Robotics in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

    The use of robotics during hip and knee arthroplasty is part of the evolution in techniques and technologies for these procedures, with the goal of helping orthopaedic surgeons improve the accuracy and reproducibility of the surgeries.

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    At ICJR’s 12th Annual Winter Hip & Knee Course, faculty addressed various robotic technologies now on the market, reviewing the literature on robotics and sharing their experiences with using robotics in clinical practice.

    Click on the images below to watch their presentations.

    Robotic THA
    Jonathan M. Vigdorchik,MD

    Active Robotics in TKA
    William J. Long, MD, FRCSC

    Imageless Robotics in TKA
    William J. Long, MD, FRCSC

    Handheld Robotics
    Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc

    Robotic UKA and TKA: Tips and Tricks
    Mark W. Pagnano MD

    Do You Really Need Robots?
    W. Norman Scott MD FACS